About Chickadee Reiki

Who is Chickadee Reiki?

After integrating the Reiki Master energy and the consciousness of the 5th dimension, I was inspired to share these wonderful energies with others and named my business Chickadee Reiki. Why?

First, the Reiki we teach and practice is the original Usui Reiki of Dr. Usui from Japan, channelled at the beginning of the 1900s. This energy, channelled by a Reiki Master, allows you to experience a deep relaxation that balances the physical energies and the chakras, fosters healing, and stimulates the mind, body and soul, which in turn enhances your quality of life.

ChickadeeAs for the “Chickadee”, allow me to explain its significance and the reason behind this inspiration in order to shed some light on the link between the chickadee and Reiki. 

This small black and white bird is the first curious being to explore a new feeder. This curiosity teaches us the courage to explore our own environment. Through its behaviour, this tiny bird, the size of a golf ball, shows us that size is not important when we are connected to our inner strength, as we are then in peace. With its multiple songs (15 in all), it is true to itself in singing its song of the present moment clearly, with acceptance of its truth. It teaches us to be genuine, true to ourselves; with its different songs and its inner joy, it reminds us of the simplicity of expressing our truth. By listening to our inner self, our inner strength guides us and fosters confidence in our actions as we progress serenely on our journey. 

The chickadee demonstrates the importance of expressing our truth in order to heal, balance and widen our perceptions. When our 7 chakras (energy centres) are balanced, we are connected to our real self and our lives are characterised by joy.

Reiki facilitates our journey of healing, allowing us to gently remove one layer at a time by listening to our inner voice in order to pursue our life mission in utmost simplicity, with joy and love. Reiki is one of the tools that allow us to balance our energy centres-the chakras.

My journey

A few words about me, to explain what brought me to Reiki, what lead to my self-realization, and guided me toward my life mission, in peace and serenity.

Having experienced life challenges such as a stroke at age 22, recovering slowly to be confronted with the sudden passing of my father, I learned to take care of myself and to take charge of my physical, emotional and spiritual health. In the course of these challenges, I was gifted with a manager who became a friend, told me about Reiki and offered the experience of well-being through a Reiki treatment.

Following a number of stressful events, I booked a full treatment and a light went on inside me. This is when I decided to take the training, for myself, in the early 2000s, not knowing at the time that one day, after completing the Reiki Master training, the energy would move me to share this wonderful gift with others in 2006. Since then, in a peaceful country setting, I offer Reiki treatments and training, as well as hot stone energy therapy. Having also taken training in crystals, I incorporate this wonderful healing energy from Mother Nature into my treatments.

Flowing from the evolution of both the energy and the planet, I pursued my learning and my journey along the Reiki path by becoming a Reiki Grand Master, as well as training and healing in the consciousness of the 5th and 6th dimensions. As a Reiki Grand Master, I offer the higher degrees of Reiki that illustrate the limitless nature of the gift of Reiki, which is easy to learn and much needed.

I truly appreciate the confidence bestowed upon me in allowing me to accompany you and to be at your service. I thank you for the opportunity of doing so.

I have a great respect for the energy, for life, for others, and for the beautiful individuals/souls as well as their progression during a treatment and/or training. I am known for my professionalism and my high quality energy work, going to the root cause for a gentle releasing. Testimonials are provided in this section.

>France, I want to say Thank You for such wonderful Reflexology treatments that you have given me. They have helped with the healing of my autoimmune disease, Hashimoto's, as well as my intestinal issues and the stress of dealing with life thru all of this. After your treatments, I always feel better and after each treatment, the feeling better lasts longer than the last. I look forward to the next one! Again, THANK YOU!!!

Be all you can be: Body, Mind and Soul