What is a Reiki Treatment?


REIKI Treatment/Root Cause Release Work

Reiki (ray-key) is an ancient energy healing technique for stress reduction, relaxation and pain reduction.

A Reiki session consists of a gentle, non-intrusive touch, where the recipient lays fully clothed on a massage table while listening to soothing music. You will enjoy a deep relaxation experience that allows the body’s energies to flow freely, clearing blockages, balancing the chakras and energizing the body, mind and spirit which improves your daily quality of life.

With the Reiki treatment, we include the crystal energy from mother earth. The crystals are gently laid on the chakras, the body and/or used in the aura. Reiki and crystal are used to balance and unblock the chakra for optimal energy flow of the body.

Some benefits include:

60 and 90 minutes treatments available


What is a Foot Reflexology Treatment?

Reflexology is a natural healing art based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet, hands and ears which corresponds to every part, gland, and organ of the body. Through application of pressure on these reflexes, reflexology relieves tension, improves circulation, and helps promote the natural function of the related areas of the body.

  1. Relaxation and release of tension
  2. Improve circulation
  3. Helps the body to normalize itself naturally, without adverse side effects

60 minutes treatments available


What is a Hot Stone Energy Therapy?

Hot stone therapy is inspired by Amerindian techniques practiced since time immemorial in order to attain physical and spiritual balance.

Hot stone energy massage consists of heating basalt stones in hot water that is kept at a constant temperature. The person receiving the treatment surrenders to a multitude of sensations.

The specific resonances of the stones have the power to suppress tension, dissolve stress, and balance blocked or excess energies. The result is a physiological effect of relaxation and detoxification of the body, which also releases the excess of emotions that are stored over time, as well as stress. This procures a sensation of well-being by re-establishing harmony between the physical body and the subtle bodies.

Imagine your body relaxing, being massaged by hot stones, with more stones placed on the back, under the nape of the neck, on the chakras, in the hands, between the toes ... a symphony of sensory perceptions! The heat from the stones procures a profound well-being and their weight on the body is comforting, grounding and calming.

The sensations of light-weightedness, heat and energy combine to make a hot stone massage a time of sublime relaxation.

After one and a half hours of massage, both your body and mind are refreshed.

Take advantage of this sublime treatment to take life on the bright side.

60 and 90 minutes treatments available


Reiki Distance Healing Treatment

A Reiki distance healing treatment is very efficient, beneficial, and a convenient way of sending Reiki when the person is unable to leave his/her home. A distance treatment is possible with the person’s permission as Reiki is energy and it can be sent anywhere. A time and date will be scheduled with the client to ensure he/she is sitting or lying down and ready to receive the treatment.


Healing Attunement

Healing attunements are powerful tools to release energetic blocks, profound emotions, old habits, and/or let go of outdated core beliefs. These are only a few examples.  The process for a healing attunement is to have the client sit comfortably in a chair while receiving the attunement. This can be done in combination with a treatment.


House/Environmental Energy Cleansing

Finding there is heaviness in the air, you are uncomfortable and don’t seem to able to relax in your home or surrounding? An energy cleansing may be the perfect solution to cleanse and raise the vibration of the energy for a positive atmosphere. With the help of Reiki and crystals I will physically go to your home to clean your environment from an energy point of view.
A clean, positive environment promotes physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

France is one of the most amazing healers and teachers I have ever met.
I've had many opportunities to have healing sessions with her, whether it be hot stone massage or Reiki. Every time I see her, I come away feeling invigorated, relaxed and blissful. This usually lasts for days afterwards. She is also very intuitive and helps to get to the root of the problem or issue. Her healing attunements are incredible. I've also taken courses from her and the classes were very well organized and informative. I highly recommend her for healing or for teaching.
Jackie O'Grady

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